Investment Approach

Ponte Partners has extensive experience in collaborating with private equity institutional investors, fund managers and entrepreneurs to find the most appropriate solution to their unique liquidity and investment needs. We focus on transactions ranging from $2 million to $100 million in size, involving assets located primarily in the US and Europe. We are active in a broad range of sectors such as technology, consumer, manufacturing, business services, etc.

LP Interests

Ponte Partners acquires interests in private equity and venture capital funds from limited partners such as family offices, endowments or financial institutions. Motivations for this type of transactions include regulatory changes, changes to private equity allocation, desire to reduce the number of GP relationships, and divestment of tail-end funds. Ponte Partners purchases interests in one fund or portfolios of interests.

Direct Portfolios

Ponte Partners purchases direct portfolios of interests in private companies. Such transactions may be initiated by investors who want to get liquidity from fund assets that have been held for an extended period of time or by large institutions like corporations,banks, government programs, etc. who wish to divest certain assets due to their unique circumstances. We will collaborate with the general partners who wish to remain involved in the ongoing management of the assets .


Ponte's team has developed extensive experience in conducting various types of investments.

  • GP Restructuring

    For regulatory reasons, a large institutional investor wanted to divest their preferred shares in a growth equity fund. The fund portoflio consisted of less than ten companies operating in specialty retail, industry and software. The General Partner of the fund, which omprised two investment professionals, remained in place to manage the portfolio after the transaction. The challenge in this transaction was to conduct due diligence, value and execute the transaction in a tight timeframe required by the seller. It was also important to structure the offer so that non-preferred investors could have a share of the upside. The process was completed in several weeks to the satisfaction of the seller and in agreement with the 2 non-preferred investors.

  • Acquisition of Assets From Three Different Sellers

    The transaction consisted in providing a General Partner with financing for the acquisition of interests in seven small and midsized companies operating in a diversified range of sectors, including manufacturing and software. The General Partner comprised a 3- person team who had experience in investing but had not completed a acquisition before. Transaction highlights included conducting in-depth financial and industry due diligence alongside the General Partner, assisting them in structuring a complex transaction involving three different sellers, monitoring the investment, leading to the decision to sell substantial portfolio assets at the peak of the market cycle.

  • Structured Acquisition With Earn-out

    A large financial institution was looking to divest its corporate venture fund.The General Partner had left to create their own independent venture fund. There were only five assets left in the legacy portfolio, with a large part of the value concentrated in one mature company, which was very close to doing its IPO.This situation made it very difficult for the parties to agree on a price as the seller was reluctant to sell below the expected IPO price and the buyer to take the risk not only on the future stock price but also on the IPO taking place. The deal that was finally agreed consisted in a cash price and an earn-out based on the future stock price of the main asset. The IPO took place and was successful, hence providing a favorable outcome for both buyer and seller.